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"I've worked with Dave countless times. He is an incredibly inspiring artist. His musicianship and vocal skills are second to none, as are his acting chops. And not only is he talented onstage but also behind the scenes. His deep passion of the arts truly makes him a force of nature as a teacher, director and perfomer bringing out the absolute best from his students, actors and peers."

M A U R I C I O   P E R E Z ,  A c t o r

Frankie Valli, Jersey Boys  on Broadway

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"David is a Music Director supreme. He's professional, encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, and an exhorter to the highest degree. Few can compare to his mastery of the American musical theatre cannon, and I'm thrilled to have been able to work under his leadership onstage!"

R U T H I E   A N N   M I L E S ,  A c t r e s s

Tony Award®-winner, The King and I  on Broadway

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