Dave is an awesome vocal coach! With his vast knowledge of rock n' roll and musical theatre repertoire, he can find a song for any voice type. He is a great scholar of musical theatre, a fantastic musician, and someone who makes you want to be a better performer. Having worked with Dave as my director, music director, vocal coach

and fellow performer, I have the utmost regard for his work.

M I C H A E L   M I S K O ,  A c t o r /  S i n g e r /  D a n c e r /  M a g i c i a n

Star of Stephen Schwartz's new show Magic to Do

April 23, 2018

Let’s talk about something that people everywhere like to talk about: Lists of best things.

And since this is a musical theatre blog (still looking for a better word…blarticle?), I think we should talk about movie musicals. Don’t you? (Of course you do.)

Now, there have...

April 8, 2018

Now that some time has passed (and I like waiting until a little time has passed), let’s talk about Jesus Christ Superstar: Live on NBC, shall we?

I know what you’re thinking…Dave, don’t ruin this for me.

It’s true, sometimes I’m a bit of a ruiner. I recall really disli...

March 20, 2018

Here I was, minding my own business (I never mind my own business, but here I was), and I was doing a typical Saturday morning Facebook scroll. All very typical. And it was a Saturday. And in one of the groups that I’m a part of there was a post talking about musicals...

March 13, 2018


This is a blog.

Why is there a blog, you ask? (Thanks for asking, btw…you’re so sweet.)

Musical Theatre is a passion, and like many passions, there’s an entire universe of interwoven stories, historical gems, and fascination that comes from wildly different opinions...

March 12, 2018

Stay tuned...blog content arriving shortly.

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