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And begins.


This is a blog.

Why is there a blog, you ask? (Thanks for asking, btw…you’re so sweet.)

Musical Theatre is a passion, and like many passions, there’s an entire universe of interwoven stories, historical gems, and fascination that comes from wildly different opinions and aesthetics. And it is thus that I consecrate this blog to highlight elements of all the above.

Consecration commencing…now.

Nothing fascinates me more (well, few things fascinate me more) than the creation housed inside this art form, be it behind the scenes or front and center, and this blog will be devoted to highlighting all spheres.

What this blog will be and won’t be:

(It’s nice to set ground rules, no?)

--It’s NOT going to be a critical hate-fest. It’s hard enough to create and generate tremendous art in this medium. Tearing folks down who are pouring blood, sweat and tears into their aspirations seems, at best, near-sighted, and at worst, mean-spirited. Artists should build up other artists when at all possible.

(next time I’ll give a spoiler alert: personal belief/mantra ahead…)

It IS however going to take a critical look at many things every week. No reason to avoid substance to please the easily-offended. Let’s dive into nuance, rather than exist in pleasant generalities!

It’s NOT going to be a book report on the past. There are TREMENDOUS books that do exactly that. And your local library is even better than you once thought. Have you been to one lately? I know, the intranet, world wide webs have taken over your life, and goodness – the amount of information at our fingertips now is truly obscene. But, suffice it to say, there’s plenty of resources for that kind of stuff.

It IS however going to highlight the intricacies of one of the few American-born creations, masterfully being improved daily around the world. There are not only great stories to constantly tell, but also personal experiences to unearth from great minds who slaved over creations of the past and present. And hopefully the future.

It’s NOT going to be me just droning on and on about the things I happen to care about. I can’t imagine anything more boring, unless you find me incredibly fascinating. My wife finds me incredibly fascinating, and even she can glaze over as I relate a story I’ve (possibly) told her several times.

It IS however going to have guest contributors! From Artistic Directors, to theatre company founders, to musicians, actors, music directors, casting directors, choreographers, historians, and just plain musical theatre nerds, I’ll strive to have people constantly weighing in with different (as different as possible) purviews, experiences and philosophies. If I can be honest (please be honest), I think it’s going to get exciting, so follow closely!

It’s NOT going to be life-changing.

Just kidding, of course it’s going to be life-changing.

Stay tuned!

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